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Exploring Beyond
Bratwurst and Beer
Celebrate German-American Heritage Month Sep 15 to Oct 15

October 6th has been designated as German American Day in the United States, and from the middle of September to the middle of October, you can celebrate German American Heritage Month.

Many Canadians also have a German heritage to celebrate.
In the 1990 US census, close to 60 million claimed German ethnicity with origins in three German speaking central European countries plus a variety of regions.
Consider using the 4-hour CDRrom "Stories of Americans Who Came from Germany" and
find web links with details on the regions of origin in Chapter III links "The 19th Century."

Explore a German-American story in your state and enter it in the
annual History Day Contest each spring.

  • In New York, research the building of the Brooklyn Bridge by John A. Roebling and his son Washington. Did you know Roebling also built one in Cincinnati?

  • In South Carolina, look into the lives the early Moravians shared with native Americans.

  • In Illinois, find out about Chicago's German architects who beautified the city.

  • In Missouri, report on the developement of the Anhaeuser Busch Brewery. Of course, there is also Aldolph Coors in Denver.

  • In Alabama, learn about the contribution of Wernher von Braun and his German rocket builders.

  • In Virginia, study the short lives of the German members of the Jamestown settlement beginning in 1607.

There are similar stories of these roughly twenty five percent of Americans in almost every town. Most of their ancestors came in the 19th century between 1850 and 1885.